Video Spa

Spa in the Conero

Losing the track of time, finding oneself in the space of pleasure

You will enter a parallel dimension. Soft lights, delicate music, enveloping scents. Warmth. Where time is forgotten and thoughts drift away.

You can start with an sensory shower and chromotherapy. The choice is yours whether to continue with the classic sauna, the steam room or the new bio sauna with lower temperatures.

After so much heat, it will be pleasant to immerse yourself in the pool and enjoy the hydromassage The herbal tea in the relaxation area, with a Himalayan salt wall, is the final step to your pampering helping you return to reality but in a completely new and relaxed way. What if you're not quite ready yet? Just treat yourself to a beauty treatment or a massage. And the dream continues ...

Gift someone, or perhaps yourself hours of well-being

If you need to relax and want a moment of absolute escape, the spas at Hotel Giardino are what you are looking for. They are open not only to hotel guests but can also be pre-booked as a day spa, with personalized packages, treatments and massages.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion or simply want a moment of intimacy and exclusivity, you can choose the mini spa for two: a small oasis of relaxation just for two where your journey can also end with a delicious aperitif.

What you will find:

  • Moist steam room at 45 degrees flavored with menthol and eucalyptus essence
  • 90 degree Finnish sauna
  • Bio Sauna at 55 degrees
  • Cold Scottish shower
  • Sensory showers
  • Swimming pool purified with salt (not chlorine) at 34 ° with various hydromassage stations
  • Relaxation area with a wall of Himalayan salt and herbal tea
  • Various massages and beauty treatments for face and body care
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Day 09:00 - 13:00
14:00 - 20:00
Private spa
20:00 - 00:00
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Relax your senses with options including chromotherapy, sauna, turkish bath and hydromassage pool.

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Rediscover your balance with options ranging from aesthetic massages to wellness massages.

Gonfiabili e giochi per bambini


Take care of your beauty, even while on holiday.

Spa rates

  •   Price
    Complete wax (legs, bikini area, armpits, face) €35
    Partial wax €20
    Bikini wax €10
    Total bikini wax €15
    Underarm wax €10
    Face wax €10
    Arm wax €15
    Back wax €15
    Manicure with or without compress €30 / €20
    Pedicure with or without compress €35 / €25
    Healing pedicure  €40
  •   Duration Price
    "Ku-Nye-Ki" Massage (Tibetan)
    This ​​is one of the external therapies used by traditional Tibetan medicine to alleviate stress-related disorders.
    50 minutes €70
    Himalayan breath
    A deep purification and skin renewal ritual with Himalayan pink salt and Perilla oil.
    50 minutes €65
    Radiant skin with red rice
    A ritual that gives the body energy and lightness, encouraging an osmotic process that promotes metabolic cellular exchanges with pink salt, clay and essential oils.
    50 minutes €65
    Elixir of Vitality
    A ritual to make the body blossom, with restructuring and elasticising based on Perilla, Noni and Aloe oil.
    50 minutes €65

    Thai Foot
    Impulses sent from the foot to the brain, which processes the information and works to restore any reported dysfunctions. As such, in addition to eliminating blocks, this treatment restores energy circulation, drains and gives a general state of wellness.

    50 minutes €55

    Thai Herbal Compress
    This treatment uses bundles containing a mixture of selected dried herbs. When heated with steam, they are applied along the energy lines (SEN) in order to rebalance the flow.

    50 minutes €65

    * PERILLA OIL is a powerful anti-ageing moisturiser that is rich in natural Omega3. It is able to restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin and increase nutrient supplies to the cells, giving skin brightness and elasticity, and keeping it toned and free of stretch marks.

  •   Duration Price
    Massage "The dance of the water"
    This massage reawakens the wisdom and intelligence of every cell in the body in order to restore the harmonic flow of our liquids, so that the body/mind/energy system remains in balance
    50 minutes €65
    Partial leg lymph drainage
    Ideal for those suffering from swelling in the legs
    30 minutes €40
    Back massage
    Specifically intended to eliminate spasms caused by everyday stress.
    30 minutes €40
    Aromatic massage
    A treatment that takes advantage of the properties of essential oils as a form of natural body care.
    50 minutes €55
    "Cellulite-biopostural" massage
    Taking advantage of the benefits of initial lymphatic drainage followed by incisive and targeted procedures, it improves both venous and lymphatic circulation, revitalising the appearance of the skin.
    50 minutes €65
    Draining massage
    Frees the body from intracellular fluid build-up, helping to eliminate excess liquids and toxins.
    50 minutes €55
    Relaxing massage
    A massage that lightly brushes the skin to relax the mind, the cutaneous fibre and the muscular surface, giving the body harmony and brightness.
    50 minutes €55
      50 minutes €55
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