Riviera del Conero

At every glance a different landscape filled with continuous surprises

The immediately striking thing about the Conero Riviera is the variety of its landscapes. You can wake up and discover the different paths of the mountain.
If you like mountain biking or e-biking, in the Conero you will find simple but also adventurous routes for the more experienced, and we will be ready to explore them with you by offering you a bike rental service in the company of a guide. Each biking break will be the excuse to peek at the world from a different point of view.
Getting lost in the alleys of Numana and Sirolo is the best way to appreciate the most hidden of corners. Enjoy the little moments of happiness in the small town square with an ice cream in hand or an aperitif.
Not to mention the sea, blue like the flag that has conquered the Conero Riviera for years. Make the most of it by taking advantage of the beautiful equipped beaches or looking for the most hidden coves and explore them by canoe. You could also choose a boat and reach the Due Sorelle (Two Sisters) or the Gabbiani (Seagull) beach up to Portonovo where the famous 'postcard' landscape will greet you.

Hotel Riviera Del Conero

The privilege of a strategic position

The best of Riviera del Conero reachable in an instant.

Hotel Giardino is located just 900 metres from the town centre. The heart of Numana is nestled in the upper part and unfurls through a maze of narrow streets, between typical stone fishermen's houses. The wide La Costarella staircase leads downwards towards the sea, and the lower part of Numana. Numana Bassa is the most modern and lively area, characterised by wide beaches and a promenade, only 600m away from the hotel, and the picturesque tourist port. It is a place where nature and history take shape perfectly. The pristine beaches and the crystalline sea have been awarded the Blue Flag serve as a counterpart to the artistic side Numana, comprising monuments and churches.

  • Numana

    Numana is the town where Hotel Giardino is located. In this town there are numerous points of interest, which deserve to be visited: from the Tower (an arch placed close to a panoramic balcony on the Numanese seafront), to the Costarella (a district characterized by a staircase that connects the center of Numana with a stretch of waterfront) or the love bench (to take a romantic couple selfie). The town comes alive with a calendar full of events, especially in summer, that take place between the central square of Numana and the square of Marcelli; the hamlet full of clubs and where the nightlife takes place!

  • Sirolo

    Sirolo is a small pearl set close to the Conero, famous for its beautiful views, many of which are visible from its Piazzetta (square). Clubs, bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors are among the most popular attractions of the town, which in summer hosts shows and events in the square and local park.

  • Portonovo

    The Portonovo bay, located at the foot of Monte Conero, is a beach of large white pebbles, which make it immediately recognizable. In addition to the beach, there are various clubs and restaurants on the sea, as well as a Napoleonic fort, an eighteenth-century tower and a suggestive Romanesque-style church. Not to be forgotten, the famous salt water lakes of Portonovo.

  • Ancona

    The capital of the Marche certainly offers the attractions of a large city: a theater active and open throughout the year,numerous restaurants, shops and multiple monuments. Worth a visit: the Cathedral, which overlooks the city from Colle Guasco, the Passetto, a panoramic area which leads to the only beach in the city, the Cardeto and the Citadel, the large parks dedicated to those who love greenery and nature.

  • Mezzavalle

    One of the most beautiful and wildest beaches of the entire Riviera del Conero. This stretch of coast, a little hidden, is offered to tourists through a path that does not scare experienced hikers, but that undoubtedly excites those who arrive: crystal clear water, tranquility, a bay protected from the waves and a free beach: this is what awaits you in Mezzavalle.

  • Loreto

    Loreto is, above all, famous for being one of the major places of Christianity: in fact, thousands of pilgrims and believers arrive here every year. They flock to visit the Holy House, a small structure inside the great Basilica di Loreto, which tradition includes like the one belonging to Mary, where she received the Annunciation by the hand of the Archangel Gabriel. Beyond the fideistic conviction, the Basilica is also of great attraction for historians and art lovers, thanks to the splendid architecture and the many works present there.

  • Recanati

    Recanati was the birthplace of two great Italian geniuses: Giacomo Leopardi and Beniamino Gigli, two big personalities, respectively, of Italian literature and opera. This town hosts the places dear to the poet, described in many of his works and poems, and it is possible to visit Casa Leopardi, as well as the National Center for Leopardian Studies, which collects all the writings of other authors regarding Leopardian work; you can also visit the Gigli Museum, dedicated to the great tenor from Recanati, or go to the Pinacoteca, to admire many works, including those by Lorenzo Lotto, where his numerous and famous paintings are preserved.

  • Offagna

    The medieval festivals of Offagna are famous throughout Marche and even national! During the festival, the whole town celebrates the medieval re-enactment which has, by now, reached its 30th anniversary. The celebrations are usually held in the last week of July, in the medieval village which is famous for its splendid fortress. Offagna, which has been defined as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, has even been awarded with the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.

  • Osimo

    This Marche village contains numerous treasures. Surrounded by the Osimo walls, the village offers its visitors beauty to be discovered: starting from the main square, where it is possible to visit the historic center, numerous clubs, shops and thriving businesses; a visit to San Leopardo, the Romanesque-style cathedral of the town, is a must-see, but don't forget to go to the gardens of Piazza Nuova, from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Marche landscape. Finally, the underground caves of Osimo deserve a mention, where you can learn about the history and tradition that passed through this town in the past few centuries.

Prenota ora al Hotel Giardino a Numana Prenota ora al Hotel Giardino a Numana

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The Conero is the ideal place to explore by bike: trails suitable for beginners or the more experienced, breathtaking views, nature and greenery as far as the eye can see, which meets the blue of the sea: emotions and adrenaline guaranteed whatever your level. We are sure you will fall in love! Discover the bike routes

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